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The Concept of The Enchanted Spell Oracle

Use your intuition and be guided by the natural wisdom of the medieval world with these 36 unique illuminated cards and accompanying book.

Brimming with botanical information, symbolic meaning and kitchen magick, allow the divine priestesses to help

you create the life you want through bewitching recipes, rituals and spells.

By using commonplace kitchen ingredients, return to a place where herbal lore could cure everything from physical to spiritual ailments, and let The Enchanted Spell Oracle guide you toward the answers you seek.

Enchanted Spell Oracle Cards

beauty;inner beauty;pride;oralce;oracle cards;cards;reading cards;magick;magic;spells;enchanted

clarity;focus;life purpose;purpose;goals;accomplish;accomplishment;enchanted;spell;spell;magick

contemplation;reflection;lessons;life;reflect;oracle cards;reading cards;cards;oracle;spells;magick

divination;guidance;meditation;meditate;intuition;intuitive;sacred;sacred space;reconnect;imagick

Beauty : Inner beauty, glamour, pride

When the Priestess of Beauty is chosen, you may have been putting a great deal of importance on physical looks. Glamour, vanity and superficial appearances are strongly indicated.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best and taking pride in your appearance, but when you start judging yourself or others in a negative way solely based on physical appearance, the Priestess of Beauty acts as a gentle reminder to rethink this.

Clarity : Focus, goals, life purpose

When the Priestess of Clarity appears, it is time for absolute focus. You may have a big undertaking ahead of you that needs your full attention. Break tasks into small, achievable goals. Write down every single step you need to take to accomplish your goal.

Contemplation : Reflection, understanding, life lessons

When the Priestess of Contemplation appears, it­ represents an excellent opportunity to reflect on your life experiences and the insights you have gained from them. It signifies a time of reflection; a time to glean a deeper understanding of why you are here. This card encourages quiet moments of meditation and deep thought.

Divination : Guidance, meditation, intuition

When the Priestess of Divination appears, it is time to retreat from the noise and demands of the world and create a sacred space. This time out allows you to reconnect with your inner power – your true self.

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How to Use the Cards

Each card in the Enchanted Spell Oracle is unique in its guidance, and is crafted intentionally to help you create the life you want. The beautifully illustrated, symbolic cards are based on a particular quality, energy or emotion (such as Abundance, Patience and Integrity), and are accompanied by their specific botanical reference. They are imbued with the energy of a magickal priestess depicted in medieval costume, and are presented in the style of a page from an illuminated manuscript. The cards are intended as tools to help you access your intuitive self, so if a particular image, herb or tree makes you feel or understand something different, that is perfectly fine too.

Body Mind & Spirit;enchanted spell oracle;divination;new age;spellwork;celtic spirituality;spells

Includes: 36 Illuminated Cards, 116-Pages Guidebook

Format: Slipcase

Author: Priestess Moon

Dimensions:  10.3 x 14 x 3 cm

Weight: 307g

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