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Allow the Earth and Bone Oracle deck to lead you on a transformational and empowering journey.

Inspired by nature's cycles, the Earth and Bone Oracle honors the concepts of rebirth and transformation and is tailored to help readers grow and heal spiritually.

The deck is alluring, mysterious, haunting and complex. The artwork and themes portray a darker, slightly macabre style as a result. Although there is a strong emphasis on the concept of nature's duality, the messages are about transformation and achieving the ideal balance between dark and light elements. The combination of the illustrated skulls and nature highlight the deck's theme of spiritual transformation by reflecting the constantly changing seasons and the cycle of life.

By tapping into the universe's subtle energies, the deck contains channeled messages that integrate with your consciousness through change and transformation. The guidance is tailored to help you grow and heal spiritually.

Honor the concepts of rebirth and transformation with the Earth & Bone Oracle.


circle of life;shadows;darkness;magic

circle of life;shadows;darkness;magic

Trinity - Balancing decisions, priorities, adapting to change.

When you have so many wishes, focus on manifesting one at a time. Your energy may be too spread out. Keep in mind not every wish may be a blessing. Weigh the pros and cons and hyper focus on one. Prioritize your energy to meet one goal and move on once achieved. You may be needing to pivot if what you seek isn’t aligned for your greatest good.

Make a list of all you are grateful for. Stop focusing on what you get and start focusing on what you give. Money, rewards and success will come automatically if you have something to give.

Warrior - Inner strength, clarity, presence

Focusing entirely on the here and now and becoming acutely aware of your present will bring you exactly what you need. Peace, tranquility and calmness will be achieved. Your manifestations are set in motion because you finally believe you are deserving. Let them go and focus on all the beauty around you. There is beauty in the mundane and simplicity. Once you begin to practice being in the present and feeling gratitude for the moment you set your dreams and desires in motion.

Crossed - Choices, searching for purpose, daydreaming

Shed the past and sever the ties to any obligation of fulfilling others’ expectations. Choose your spiritual path and follow a daily spiritual practice for clear answers. Stay out of harm’s way by displaying courage, strength, calmness and confidence. Trust what feels good and follow the path of light. What comes easy is right. What feels like a struggle or is consistently burdening must go. Let go of any people or projects that are constantly posing problems and are too difficult.

What is meant for you will come easily. Be willing to flow more freely and attract more blessings. If you feel you have to jump through too many hoops, it’s not for you.

circle of life;shadows;darkness;magic

Using your Earth & Bone Oracle cards

There are several ways to shuffle your cards in order to accurately pick the right card for your reading. Ultimately, you will need to feel what cards you are drawn to. Never doubt your first choice. Never second-guess the card you feel originally drawn to. Trust your initial feeling. Shuffle your cards with a question in your mind. If you do not have a question, then set the intention of receiving advice aligned with your greatest good. You may shuffle the cards like a playing deck. A riffle shuffle, overhand shuffle or smoosh shuffle are all acceptable. You may spread the cards out or cut the deck to select which card(s) need to be pulled. To intuitively feel which cards are providing the answer to your questions, you will need to sit in a quick meditation and check in with your intuition. If you already know what a gentle nudge or pulling sensation is when you intuitively feel drawn to a card, then follow that feeling to select the card(s) for your spread.

circle of life;shadows;darkness;magic

Includes: 42 Cards, 112-Pages Guidebook

Author: Sirian Shadow

Dimensions: 12.8 x 9 x 3.2 cm

Weight: 354g

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