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Want to warn away any unsuspecting victims, without the embarrassment of being caught out. Well why not prop one of our mini warning signs up to stop any embarrassment, all you need to do is choose which side represents the moments actions. #DisturbAtYourOwnRisk

These funny desk warning signs are a perfect gimmicky accessory for your desk at work, they help warn colleagues away without causing offence. These eye-catching desk warning signs will be sure to cause a giggle in the office or at home.

HILARIOUS DESK ACCESSORY - Warn away annoying distractions while “working” with this funny joke desk sign!

REDUCE DISTRACTIONS WHEN WORKING - Outside your home office door? On your desk during a virtual meeting? This eye-catching bright yellow sign with fun text is noticeable wherever you place it!

THE ULTIMATE NOVELTY GIFT - The perfect present for Secret Santa at Christmas, or even just as a pick-me-up for yourself, this miniature desk product is perfect for any “working” man or woman in your life!

Dimensions:  11.50 x 24.50 x 2.00 cm

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