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Deadlines overdue? 'Dog eating your work' excuse not doing the trick anymore? Roll your way out of any situation with these hilarious office excuse dice! These two dice (a white dice with an excuse, and a black dice for an object) give you a wide selection of fool-proof excuses, guaranteed to get you out of trouble (and possibly even out of work) every time! Displayed in fun, decorative packaging, these novelty dice make the perfect gift for a work colleague on their Birthday, Christmas, Secret Santa or an everyday joke. Examples: I don’t know how to use a… Pile of sticky notes IT told me it was because of my… Slice of cake The printer was jammed up with a… Goldfish
  • A pack of two hilarious office excuse dice, sure to get you out of any sticky situation! (or at least attempt to)
  • Contains two fun dice (one for an excuse, the other for an object) in bright, fun packaging.
  • Dice Dimensions: 3cm x 3cm x3cm
  • A perfect gift for a dedicated worker on their Birthday, Christmas or Secret Santa gift


Dimensions: 3 x 13.30 x 19.40 cm

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