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Deadly Apothecary 3d box and cards

3d box with cards

Deadly Apothecary Oracle

Explore the magickal and medicinal properties of poisonous plants from around the world. Considered baneful weeds, it transpires that the most maligned plants in history contain incredible cures. In the Deadly Apothecary Oracle, discover their benefits on an energetic level under the guidance of their spirits – the priestesses of poison. These botanicals function in a very powerful way and, just like these plants, the intense emotions we feel as humans – the ones we try to keep hidden – also function in a powerful way. In fact, working through these emotions can be one of our greatest cures. Embracing our shadow sides is not a journey for the faint of heart. Heed the call of the priestesses of poison and voyage with them through light and darkness. If you do, you will be gifted with many insights. Let them help you accept all parts of yourself.

Deadly Apothecary Oracle cards

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Stinging Nettle - Rethink restriction

The disempowered Poison Ivy is an energy or psychic vampire and a bit of a taker in friendships. They like useful friends and often ask for favours without returning them but they seem to have forgotten that friendship is a two-way street. They are the kind of friend who will only appear when they want something. Poison Ivy is very good at one-sided conversations, often becoming quite emotional and demanding comfort and mutual outrage, but the recipient of these strong emotions might not have the capacity to deal with the onslaught and feels uncomfortable. It’s difficult, as Poison Ivy has had a challenging life and deserves compassion.

Opium Poppy - Share your light - Share your light

Opium Poppy dislikes interacting with others and will avoid them as much as possible because human behaviour and social norms baffle them. They choose not to partake in normal relationship milestones such as teenage romances, marriage and children. Unconsciously, they are choosing to remain alone and insular to consolidate their energy. They prefer their own world, with little disturbance from outside influences

Nutmeg - Manifesting

In a disempowered state Nutmeg feels like a hapless victim to the vagaries of a capricious universe. They give their power away often, believing they have little control over their life. In an effort to gain some control they try law of attraction concepts by dreaming of a luxury car, social status, designer clothes and winning the lottery, but nothing seems to come to fruition.

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Using your Deadly Apothecary Oracle

The poisons: we come to earth to experience a full range of emotions, both good and bad. Every human engages in uncomfortable thoughts and behaviours, and everyone has a favourite go to for when they are feeling hurt or stressed – expressing anger, blame, playing the victim, being a drama queen, jealousy and so on. We harshly judge ourselves and others for these strong emotions, but it is one of the main reasons we are here experiencing life on earth in human form.

The antidotes: your soul characteristics are the qualities that make life sweeter and help others. These are your awake actions, where you consider how we are all connected. Light emotions come from your heart and lead to beautiful synchronicities and joyful experiences. When you make decisions that align with your true nature you brighten your light and bring balance to your mind, body and spirit, which in turn helps others to brighten their light. You will need to journey through the dark often until you get to this light.

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Includes: 36 Cards, 96-Pages Guidebook

Author: Priestess Moon

Dimensions: 9 x 3.3 x 12.8 cm

Weight: 318g

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