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Deluxe Edition: Spiritual guidance using nature's tools.

The Crystal Grid Oracle - Deluxe Edition is the next step in expanding your awareness of yourself, with help from the Crystal Kingdom.

As we shift into a new age, so too do we need to shift what guides us. Old patterns and behaviours that once served us, no longer will, as a new you emerges. This deluxe deck leads you to expand your thinking, seeing, and perceiving. It's about pushing yourself further. Trusting yourself and Spirit more, and realising that the Oracle is much more than just a tool - it's a direct link to Spirit and Source. Most importantly, this deck calls you to take the time out of your busy schedule and make time to connect with the incredible energy that works through these cards.

The Crystal Grid Oracle - Deluxe Edition is the next step in expanding your awareness of yourself, with help from the Crystal Kingdom.




Self-Love – Cobalto calcite

The reason why so many wise men and women say to find love you must first go within is just that. In order for you to create a life that showers you with love you must first love yourself. When you love yourself you become more compassionate to others because you understand that you are not perfect, and you love yourself despite this and because of your imperfections. You can then apply the same compassion to others, and realise that you are here learning so you need to be gentle on yourself. Cast aside your judgement of yourself and know that you attract what you are. Be love, and you will attract love.

Deep Healing – Azurite and malachite

Deep healing is occurring now or may need to happen, and many changes may be occurring in your life at this time. Azurite and malachite are known to bring very deep emotions to the surface; it is necessary to release these emotions for healing to occur. Holding on to emotion can take more energy than just letting it go. It’s like trying to hold a beach ball under water: it takes a lot of energy to keep it down, as it will keep trying to rise. Once you let it go the struggle ceases to exist. Just as you are going through these changes so, also, is the earth. In the way that azurite and malachite can look like a satellite view of the earth, this card represents ‘As above, so below; as within, so without.’ Allow yourself to release whatever has been buried, and know that as you heal so too does this healing occur around you.

Calm – Green opal

A period of calm is needed. Whether you are overcoming some sort of heartache or loss or maybe just stuck in a thought pattern that’s creating stress, it’s time for you to calm your heart by cleansing yourself of these emotions. This is a great card to pull when you are going through a transitional phase, as it indicates that it too shall pass and that once you let go of the energy that is causing you pain you allow new, loving thoughts and feelings to come your way. When green opal is coupled with orange kyanite, which is known to be a powerful emotional cleanser, you can make a very fast shift. The slower and calmer you become the better the space you give yourself to feel what you need to so you can then let it go.


Using your Crystal Grid Oracle cards

Shuffle the deck and call in the crystal spirits to be with you. I normally say: ‘Crystal spirits, please be with me now. I ask for your guidance.’ Working with spirit is a relationship composed of respect, honesty and trust. Always ask permission and always thank the energies that work through the cards for you, because the more you make this connection the more you will receive from your oracle.

One thing I also feel is important to state here is that the cards are used as triggers to bring through your guidance and the energy that has chosen to work through this oracle. Look at the oracle as a means to communicate with this energy and for it to communicate with you, and over time the cards will resonate with a mix of beautiful energies. Don’t be limited to the description in this guidebook as to what the cards are for. Think of the guidebook as just that, a guide, and don’t let it restrict you in any way.


Includes: 72 Cards, 176-Pages Guidebook

Author: Nicola McIntosh

Dimensions: 16.41cm x 12.83cm x 5.74cm

Weight: 680g

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