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Crystal Companions: An A-Z Guide

Crystal healing is for everyone. Learning to work with these gifts from nature should be simple, easy, and effective. This beautifully illustrated book is a modern guide that aims to demystify the spiritual jargon surrounding crystal healing and teach practical rituals to help you attune to crystal energy. It can either be read the whole way through or used as a reference guide. With everything you need to know to start your crystal journey, Crystal Companions ensures you have all of your questions answered in simple terms so you can focus on self-care and exploring the magic of nature's precious creations.

About Crystal Companions




Crystals for Improving Sleep.

- Selenite’s calming and purifying properties make it a great crystal to have in your bedroom to promote restful sleep. Place it on your bedside table or under your bed.

- Iolite calms an overactive mind and helps to regulate sleep patterns. Place it in your pillowcase or under your bed.

- Lepidolite helps to relieve stress, regulates sleep, calms nerves and prevents nightmares. Place it in your pillowcase.

Cleansing and care of your crystals.

Crystals need cleansing because they hold the energetic charge of anyone and anything they come into contact with. When you call on the crystal kingdom for healing, emotional support and spiritual guidance you are developing an incredibly intimate relationship. These natural tools are entrusted with your innermost secrets and desires so it’s critical to give thanks to your crystal allies, showing gratitude and respect through regular cleansing, charging and care. Knowing what can damage your crystals and thus the optimum ways to care for them is also very important.

Crystal elixirs

Please note that when using crystals for an elixir you should only ever use a polished form, and that it is important there are no other crystals or minerals present in that particular piece. These crystals are safe to use in a crystal elixir: amber, amethyst, blue lace agate, carnelian, citrine, moldavite, obsidian, quartz, rose quartz, smoky quartz, shungite.


About the Author Jess Lahoud

Jessica Lahoud is an author and artist and the co-owner of Sydney’s iconic crystal shop Mineralism. She was born in Sydney, Australia, and before opening Mineralism spent years studying fine arts at the Sydney College of the Arts and working in live music. She is a third-generation gem and mineral merchant, having grown up in the industry and travelling the world to attend international gem and mineral trade shows. She spends her days offering crystal insights to Australia’s spiritual community and continues to travel the world to source crystals for her store.


Includes: 272 pages

Format: Hardback

Author: Jessica Lahoud 

Dimensions: 15.3 x 2.79 x 18.9 cm

Weight: 794g

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