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New age;spirituality;chakra balancing;tantric philosophy;ancient spirituality;energy healing

intuitive growth;eastern wisdom;eastern spiritual traditions;The chakra system;Colour therapy

Chakras is a comprehensive guide to the inner workings of the chakra system.

Dr Ravi Ratan and Dr. Minoo Ratan bring their years of practical experience to explain chakras from an age-old Indian spiritual, metaphysical and tantric perspective.

The book dives deep into one of the most ancient structures of the spiritual body. Examining both the energy and physical views of chakras it makes the accessible to anyone.

Discover how to work with the chakras in your subtle body and begin your journey towards deeper spiritual healing as you learn:

- how to harness universal and human energy

- the chakras and their connections to the body

- spiritual attributes to each chakra

- sacred chakra mantras and meditations

- kundalini awakening

- aromatherapy and crystals for chakra balancing

- mudra and yoga practices for chakra healing and much more

Chakras – A journey through the energy centres of your body.

Nature and consciousness;Energy;Tantra;Gunas;The five elements;Nadis

Granthis; Vayus;Muladhara;base root; Swadhisthana;Manipura;Anahata

Vishuddhi; brAjna;Sahasrara;Chakra healing;Yoga;Meditation;Chanting

The chakra system

From a health and healer’s perspective, chakras are the barometer of our health. In different healing modalities or spiritual practices there could be a variation in the numbers and location of the chakras; however, they may all be correct from their understanding of major and minor chakras. According to kundalini tantra there are seven major chakras located on our torsos and heads representing the activity of vital organs and glands. These seven major chakras are the focal point of this book. The activity and balance of our chakras reflect the health of our organs and glands. While in modern medicine cadavers are studied in order to understand health and disease, in chakra healing we need to study living beings: their physical, nutritional, mental and emotional life styles.

Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

To understand chakras, we need to understand human life and its evolution. Evolution is a universal process; all life is evolving and humankind is no exception. Life, creation and evolution are the stages in the unfolding of consciousness. We as human beings are evolving, not only as individuals but also as a race. The muladhara or base root chakra is our most fundamental chakra; from here our process of evolution in this lifetime begins, culminating at sahasrara — the crown chakra.

When the chakras get activated through our spiritual practices our values and perception of life also change, resulting in the improvement of the quality of love, relationships and compassion. For a yogi, the world remains the same but the perception of the world changes, resulting in sat-chit-anand, a state of eternal peace and bliss within.

The lymphatic system

As mentioned earlier, vital energy or pranas circulate in the body through the nervous system, the circulatory system and the nadis. The circulatory system has two aspects: the blood circulatory system and the lymphatic system. Blood moves through the body in closed vessels, arteries and veins, while lymph moves via lymphatic vessels, which are like open channels in the body. While the movement of blood is regulated by the pumping of the heart, lymph movement is mainly due to muscle activity. A sedentary lifestyle adversely affects our lymphatic flow and makes it sluggish. However, other factors that affect our lymphatic system adversely are emotional blockages and stress. We have observed this over a period of time while working with clients with lymph-related issues. We could establish an interesting correlation between emotional blockages, lymphatic blockages and chakra health.

Sound therapy; Aromatherapy; Crystals; Reflexology;

Using the CHAKRAS book.

Chakras is a comprehensive guide to the inner workings of the chakra system from the traditional Indian spiritual perspectives of Dr Ravi and Dr Minoo Ratan.

The book dives deep into one of the most ancient structures of the spiritual body. With both anatomical and physiological views, it deconstructs the complexities behind the system, explaining the chakras in a simple fashion that is accessible to everyone.

Learn how to work with the chakras in your subtle body and begin your journey towards deeper spiritual healing

Sound therapy; Aromatherapy; Crystals; Reflexology

Includes: 36 Cards, 240-Pages Guidebook

Format: Hardback

Author: Ravi Ratan & Minoo Ratan

Dimensions: 17.78 x 1.27 x 23.5 cm

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