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The battle of Brawn and beauty! men think they're the best... but women know better... now it's up to you to prove it! this frantic, funny and often outspoken game pitches men and women against each other in a contest to determine the superior sex!

Each team takes turns to shout out answers to stereotypical topics. It could be anything from "brands of make-up" to "fast cars" to "annoying male habits". but, as you would expect, there's a wicked twist - only answers matching those on the cards score points!

Only one team can wear the trousers... and it must be yours!

Choose whether to answer 'male' or female' questions for the opportunity to score more points.

Includes: 1 pack of male topic cards, 1 pack of female topic cards, score pad, topic slide scorer, timer, pencils and rules. Suitable for adults and played in two teams.

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