Wooden Puzzle: Impressive Cat (Medium)


Size: Medium
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This is not just a puzzle — it is a wooden puzzle. It will be a great gift for both a child and an adult. 

Even if you consider yourself a dog lover, this puzzle will captivate you like a laser pointer captivates a feline. A unique colorful illustration, the highest quality workmanship and many, many cats, famous and not so famous, will distract you from worries for several hours. The puzzle is overflowing with cats. They're sitting, stretching, playing, sleeping and jumping all overt the place. this is a real cat heaven! You will meet the Cheshire cat and many other characters who walk by themselves. Pour a cup of tea (or warm milk) and you're good to go!

Each puzzle in the The Animals series come in four or three sizes. The bigger the size — the harder it is to build the puzzle and the more interesting the story inside it gets. The smallest ones are like trailers to awesome movies while the Royal Size puzzles will take you on a journey with their own narratives and plot twists.

The cuts of each size of each puzzle are unique and different. They are made by creative designers to take you deeper into the story and bring you as many amazing discoveries as possible.

 Size M - 24.9×27.8 cm (9.5×10.6 in) - 200 pcs - average complexity, assembly time 2-4 hours. 402 grams



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