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Wishcraft Oracle is a beautiful oracle for the young and young at heart who appreciate a little magic in their life!

Children and adults alike love to make wishes and this magic is a part of our lives. From blowing out candles to wishing on a shooting star, wishcraft is an example of everyday magic.

There are three key things to remember when doing wishcraft:

The first is to be as clear as you can about your wish.

The second is to have fun: let go, celebrate, be creative, be in the moment!

The third is that YOU are the magic. Without you, without your unique energy in the world, the magic, the wishcraft, cannot work.

This Oracle deck has stunning illustrations that play on the magic of light and invoke a childlike wonder in the world the illustrator and author bring to life. With simple, positive messages these cards are inspiring for readers of any age.

The Wishcraft Oracle cards




MOON WISHES - The moon shows me patience.

Wait until the moon is full to do this special wishcraft. Stand within your circle outside. Have a good look up at the moon, and see the moonlight on your skin. Think about something you feel impatient for or that you really want to have happen now but you can’t quite have yet. This can feel frustrating, right? Send up to the moon these feelings of frustration or anger. Imagine the moonbeams are sending you calmness and patience. Know that the right time will come.

BE AN ANIMAL - I share my world with animals, which have all kinds of strengths.

Choose an animal you love and think about what wonderful attributes and strengths it has. For example, lions are brave, dogs are happy, dolphins are great swimmers, meerkats care for their friends. Paint your face or body like this animal (you can get an adult to help you) or dress up like it. Clap three times and wish for that power by saying: ‘I am a [animal name] and I have the power of [their special strength].’

SHIELD OF CRYSTALS - I am loved and protected.

Gather at least nine small crystals of any type you like. Place them in a cloth on your lap, then place your hands on top and think about being strong and powerful. Think about your favourite things or places and give these thoughts to the crystals. Imagine them glowing with this energy you have given them. Now that they are charged up you can place them all around your room or in the different rooms of your house, or even bury them in the boundaries of your garden. This creates a magic shield of good vibes for you.


Using your Wishcraft Oracle cards

Each card provides a wishcraft activity, all designed to focus attention and balance and encourage the feeling of emotions in real time.

On the front of each of the 30 cards is an affirmation or invocation, which are magic words to say out loud to inspire you. In this booklet there is a description of the wishcraft activity for each card.

Here are some examples of the ways you could use the cards:

+ Choose a card for the day and say out loud and concentrate on the magic words only.

+ Shuffle the cards and pull one you feel drawn to. This will be your activity for the day or week.

+ Make a big circle on the ground of all the cards and stand in the middle. Close your eyes, spin slowly and choose one card by pointing at it. This is your card for the day.


Includes: 30 Full Colour Cards, 112-Page Full-Color Guidebook

Author: Stacey Demarco, Liz Tiethoff

Dimensions: 9 x 3.56 x 12.8 cm

Weight: 220g

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