The Esoteric Buddhism of Japan Oracle Cards


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From the Maginosan Ren-join Temple come the beauty and blessings of Japan’s Esoteric Buddhism …

Develop a meaningful connection with Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Wisdom Kings, and other traditional
messengers of Esoteric Buddhism with this uniquely crafted oracle set. The cards feature 44 forms of
the Buddha, carefully and beautifully rendered by Miki Okuda with mudras, colors, and symbolism to
open your awareness to your true nature and wisdom. In the guidebook, you will discover mandalas,
mantras, messages, and blessings to grow your understanding, deepen your compassion, and help
you access profound and beneficial insight.

Work with mudra, mantra, and mandala for mindfulness, meditation, and potent revelation.

“In Esoteric Buddhism, there are many different Buddhas, each requiring a unique method of
worship. During my monastic training, I learned the great depths and joys of Esoteric Buddhism, and
now, at Maginosan Ren-join Temple, I work to try and bring people closer to Buddhism in their
everyday lives through temple events and other projects.” — Yuzui Kotaki


Includes:  44 cards + 116-page guidebook (Packaged in a hardcover box)

AuthorYūzui Kotaki

Artist: Miki Okuda

Dimensions:  125 x 170 x 30 mm

Weight:  490 g

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