Find Your Personality Through Local Snacks

With the wide choices of traditional snacks offered in Singapore, are you craving a taste of cultural connection? Ever wondered which iconic Singaporean snack best reflects your vibrant personality? Dive into our delicious personality match, where the choice of your favourite delectable treat reveals a hidden layer of you!

We’ll recommend the matching item for each snack that goes with your personality. From the resilient spirit of Ang Ku Kueh to the playful charm of Gem Biscuits, find your perfect pairing and discover the secret ingredient that makes you truly unique. So, grab a mug of kopi and get ready to unleash your inner foodie – your flavor adventure awaits!

Ang Ku Kueh

The name "Ang Ku Kueh" is Hokkien, a Chinese dialect, and it translates to "Red Tortoise Cake" in English. The pastry is named after its distinctive shape, which resembles a tortoise shell, symbolizing longevity and good luck in Chinese culture.


Your Personality:

Much like the symbolic red exterior that signifies good luck, this individual exudes warmth, positivity, and a welcoming demeanor. Similar to the meticulous craftsmanship involved in making Ang Ku Kueh, this person demonstrates attention to detail and a commitment to quality in their endeavors. Resilience, a trait embodied by the cake's chewy and elastic texture, is reflected in their ability to bounce back from challenges with grace. Just as Ang Ku Kueh comes in various flavors, this person's personality may encompass versatility and an appreciation for diverse experiences. 

Overall, their personality resonates with being resilient, traditional, and nurturing.

Spectrum’s Pick: Ang Ku Kueh Coasters

Gem Biscuit

The Gem Biscuit, also known as "Kong Guan Biscuit" or "Gems Biscuit," is a popular snack in some Asian countries, particularly in Singapore and Malaysia. You might have think of them as a snack with roots from Singapore or Malaysia, but if it comes as a surprise, is actually a snack first created in England in the early 2000s. The biscuit bottoms were known to be first made by Huntley and Palmer in Reading, Britain in the 1850s.

Your Personality:

Much like the vibrant sugar toppings that adorn Gem Biscuits, this individual brings a lively and positive energy to their interactions. Their personality may be characterized by a delightful mix of sweetness and playfulness. Similar to the versatility of Gem Biscuits, this person is adaptable and open to a variety of experiences. They may have a dynamic and engaging presence, making them approachable and enjoyable to be around.

Overall, their personality resonates a joyful, colorful, and versatile nature.

Spectrum’s Pick: Pink Gem Biscuit Cushion

Curry Puff

The curry puff has its roots in Indian cuisine, where a similar dish called "kari paf" or "karipap" is found. In India, this snack is known as samosa. The samosa is a triangular pastry filled with spiced potatoes, peas, and sometimes meat.


Your Personality:

Much like the curry puff's diverse and bold filling, this individual may possess a dynamic and vibrant personality, bringing excitement and energy to their interactions. Their personality may be characterized by a balance of spice and comfort, creating a unique and enjoyable presence.

Overall, their personality resonates as lively and flavorful.

Spectrum’s Pick: Curry Puff Cushion


Ice Cream Sandwich 

The ice cream sandwich consisted of ice cream nestled between two thin wafers or cookies.  In Singapore, a nostalgic touch is added by the iconic "Ice Cream Uncle." These mobile vendors, often seen with colorful wheel carts, despite not being an easy job, they still roam the streets offering traditional ice cream sandwiches. 

Your Personality:

Similar to the diverse flavors and combinations of ice cream sandwiches, this individual is versatile and able to connect with a wide range of people and situations. Their personality is refreshing, bringing a sense of joy and playfulness to social interactions.

Overall, their personality resonates with being versatile and joyful.

Spectrum’s Pick: Ice Cream Sandwich Cushion

Jiu Ceng Gao

The name "Jiu Ceng Gao" translates to "nine-layer cake," highlighting the intricate layers that characterize this sweet steamed cake. The layers, often made with coconut milk, rice flour, and vibrant natural coloring, symbolize prosperity and good fortune. and can bring back good old memories for some.

Your Personality:

Much like the intricate layers of the cake, this individual may possess depth and complexity, showcasing various facets of their character over time. Their personality could reflect a strong foundation, built layer by layer through life experiences.

Overall, their personality resonates with the qualities of patience and resilience.

Spectrum’s Pick: Jiu Ceng Gao Agar Agar Door Stopper Set

Pandan Cake

Pandan cake holds a significant place in Singapore's culinary heritage, with roots in Southeast Asian and Peranakan cuisines. The cake derives its distinct flavor and vibrant green hue from the pandan leaf, a fragrant tropical plant commonly used in the region. 

Your Personality:

Similar to the pandan leaf's aromatic and unique flavor, this individual exudes a distinctive charm that sets them apart. Their personality may be characterized by a fresh and positive outlook on life. Much like the green hue of pandan cake, this person's personality can bring a touch of brightness and optimism to those around them. They may have a nurturing quality, offering a sense of comfort and familiarity to friends and family.

Overall, their personality resonates with vibrant and refreshing.

Spectrum’s Pick: Pandan Cake Cushion

Peng Kueh

Peng Kueh, a traditional steamed rice cake, has a historical connection to Singapore's rich Peranakan culinary heritage. Peng Kueh resembles the peach shape and its Mandarin name of 桃粿 literally translates to “peach dumplings”. Peach is regarded in Chinese lore as a symbol of longevity. These delicate rice cakes are typically filled with a savory mixture of grated coconut, dried shrimp, and other flavorful ingredients.

Your Personality:

Their personality may embody a sense of artistry and dedication, much like the layers carefully crafted in Peng Kueh. Much like the savory fillings that make Peng Kueh unique, this person's personality may reveal layers of complexity, offering a delightful and intriguing presence to those around them.

Overall, their personality resonates with meticulous and artistic.

Spectrum’s Pick:  Peng Kueh Coaster Set

Pineapple Tart 

Originating from the Peranakan community, these delectable treats are believed to have evolved in the early 20th century, fusing Chinese and Malay culinary influences. The pineapple tart's popularity surged during Chinese New Year celebrations, symbolizing prosperity and good fortune. The pastry's sweet and tangy pineapple filling encapsulated in a buttery crust became a beloved tradition in Singaporean households.

Your Personality:

Their personality may be characterized by a genuine kindness that makes others feel embraced and cherished. Much like the cultural significance of pineapple tarts during festive occasions, this person may bring a sense of celebration and joy to the lives of those around them. Their personality embodies the spirit of sharing happiness and creating meaningful connections.

Overall, their personality resonates with the sweet, welcoming, and harmonious.

Spectrum’s Pick: Pineapple Tart Pouch

Tutu Kueh

Tutu Kueh has roots in Peranakan and Malay culinary traditions. Tutu Kueh is a steamed rice cake filled with sweet coconut or peanut fillings. The name "tutu" is derived from the rhythmic sound of tapping the cake mold to release the steamed delicacy. Tutu Kueh has evolved over time, becoming a staple at pasar malams, incorporated with more modern flavours to suit the taste of younger generations.

Your Personality:

Similar to the intricate process of making Tutu Kueh, this individual may possess a creative and artistic spirit, bringing a unique flair to their endeavors.  this person's personality might reveal layers of sweetness, kindness, and genuine authenticity. They may have a knack for creating positive and memorable experiences for those around them

Overall, their personality resonates with creative and nostalgic.

Spectrum’s Pick: Tutu Kueh Cushion


Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all snack when it comes to your personality. You might be a delightful mix of Gem Biscuit sparkle and Tutu Kueh creativity, or embody the bold spice of a Curry Puff with a dash of Ang Ku Kueh's comforting warmth. So, embrace your flavor fusion, celebrate your unique blend, and remember, life's most delicious moments are often savored one bite at a time.  Explore our extensive collection of food-inspired items at Spectrum StoreNow, go forth and conquer your day, fueled by the spirit of your snack soulmate!

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