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When people hear the word ‘sage’, they first think it is for cleansing the house, especially when moving into a new place but could there be more than just cleansing and waving a bundle of herbs around? Here is your beginner guide on how to use a sage! 

Before setting the smoke alarm off, here is some knowledge of Sage's origin.

Origin of Sage

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Sage also known as Salvia officinalis is an aromatic herb of the mint family and is cultivated for its edible leaves. Usually grow in the wild up to 60cm tall and has an oval leaf shape that is rough and wrinkled - colour ranges from grey-green to whitish-green. 

Found natively to the Mediterranean region and is used either fresh or dried as a flavouring in many foods, especially in stuffings for poultry, pork and sausages. It was popularly used in medieval Europe for its stimulating properties and was thought to strengthen memory and promote wisdom by brewing tea used as a tonic for centuries. 

History of Practicing Saging/Smudging

Introduction of Sage_History of Sage

You can say that burning sage is one of the oldest and purest practices of cleaning a person and can be used on a group of people, or space and getting rid of unwanted spirits. Dates back to Egypt’s 5th dynasty, that’s 4500 years ago! 

Usually known as Salvia Apiana, White Sage is frequently used by the Indigenous American tribes who practices smudging for spiritual rituals and religious ceremonies for centuries. Purifying the body, cleansing a space of negative energy, and restoring balance. 

Is It Culturally Appropriate? 

Did you know that Sage smudging culture was once discriminated against for this ritual, therefore, you would ask, how should I practice the art in culturally and ecologically sensitive ways? Let us show you that a respectful, inclusive attitude towards its cultures can experience purifying and energy-cleansing benefits.


Let’s Get Started

Introduction of Sage_Let's Get Started

We notice that there has been a rise in the popularity of spiritual healing/cleansing which makes sages, sticks and smudge accessories very accessible. You can find different sage-to-smudge accessories to workshops/classes available near you. 


What are some of the basic tools you need? 

  • Your choice of sage 
  • An abalone shell (traditionally used by Natives to represent water) or glass, clay, or ceramic bowl to catch fallen embers and ashes. 
  • Preferably matches 
  • Feather or fam to navigate the smoke 


How to Burn Sage

Introduction of Sage_How To Burn 

  1. Set your Intention. Decide what you are trying to accomplish by burning this sage, whether you want to deter negative energy, welcome abundance, or become seduced by its fragrance. The power of intent is integral here. Any effect of the herb must be rooted in your mind.
  2. Prepare your burning area. Lay out your abalone shell or ceramic bowl. Fill the vessel with clean sand or special ritual sand for easy extinguishing.
  3. Open a window or door. This step is imperative to clearing bad vibes. This gives the sage smoke-- and any negative energy-- a way to exit your home. 
  4. Light the sage within the burning vessel. Use a match or any flame to set the sage ablaze. Wait 20-30 seconds, and then blow out the fire; embers should still be ignited on the end and create smoke.
  5. Spread the smoke. Carrying the smoke around within the burning vessel is an easy way to introduce the sage smoke into every room. Use a smudge fan to navigate the smoke more specifically if you invested in a smudge fan.

Let smoke slowly fill the room. Walk around to get smoke into every corner; let smoke run along walls, windows, and the ceiling. Imagine negative energy running to avoid contact with the smoke.

  1. Set Intentions. While you spread the smoke, consider reaffirming your intentions by saying them aloud. 

Find an expansive list of positive affirmations to meet your specific purpose: here.

  1. Make Time to Burn Sage More Often. Ideally, it would be best if you burned sage at least once a week. Smudging more often will guarantee this all of the negative energy you or guests bring in from the world are absent from your environment.


Where To Buy Sage? 


Funny you ask because we would like to introduce Beyond Luxe by Kelly Angel, a true angel that handmade beautiful sage and you can find them by clicking (here). 

Beyond Luxe by Kelly, Angel boutique is inspired by Nature and Spiritual real-ness. Based in the heart of Singapore this shop is a one-woman show that features:-

  • Handmade Sage flower wands
  • Crystals
  • Décor
  • Beeswax candles
  • Candle, Incense, and Sage holders
  • Hand rolled with honey and natural botanicals Incense sticks
  • Moon vibes
  • 7 Chakras & all the nature feels.

All the sages & herbs smudge sticks, incense etc are sustainably sourced and it took 1 year's worth of research in 2020. Kelly started her business in 2021, February and is enjoying every bit of it, seeing her customers happy.

BLKA strives on providing the most unique handmade gifts, wedding gifts etc! The white sage wands with flowers are handmade by yours truly. Items are chosen with loving energy and positive intentions If her items put a smile on your face, she has done my part.

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