Easter Day: Celebrate or Chill, Here's What's Happening!

Easter Day, is a time of rebirth and renewal, holds deep cultural and religious significance for many around the world. But what exactly is Easter, and why do we celebrate it?


Easter is celebrated to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, a central event in Christianity. It's a time of spiritual reflection, renewal, and joy for millions around the world. For those not celebrating, Easter can still be a time of enjoying the arrival of spring, spending time with loved ones, or simply indulging in some seasonal treats. 

We offer a variety of items ideal for filling your Easter basket or enjoying games or with family and friends.

For those who are looking your easter basket we’ve curated a list for you: 

1. 3 Inch Mixed Marble Eggs

Carefully chosen for their superior quality, these stones boast well-defined edges and a highly polished finish, making them charming and affordable gifts. The egg shape symbolizes life, renewal, and our spiritual connection, embodying love, joy, and faith. Standing at 3 inches tall, the egg comes without a stand, which is available separately.


2. Eggling

If you're environmentally conscious and keen on planting your own kit, we have our Seishin - Eggling (Clear Package Clover) for you. 

Our Eggling (Clear Package) series, where each egg-shaped planter are made from pottery, these eggs house seeds and soil within. 


3. Egg Baff Bombz


Ready to turn bath time into a blast for your kids? Our Zimpli Kids Special Effects Baff Bombz delivers an exciting adventure with dazzling effects bursting from the bath bomb. Safe for skin and drains, and hassle-free to clean with no stains, it's the ultimate bath bomb for endless family fun!


4. Friendly Chime Puppy Blue

The Friendly Chime Puppy features soft blue velour, cute puppy ears, and hand-embroidered details, including pink cheeks and dangling arms for chewing and soothing. It's an ideal addition to any gift and adds adorable charm when tied onto a gift package for decoration.

Don't have Easter plans but still up for a get-together? You can't go wrong with board and card games to spice things up!


Challenge your friends with this outrageous pack of cards to see who is the ultimate lad!

Pull up your leg warmers and take a journey back to the decade that everyone loves! Get ready to challenge your friends to see who knows the most about the truly awesome 80's!


6. True or False? Card Game

Get ready for some head-scratching fun with this tricky trivia game! You've got a 50/50 shot at guessing true or false. Will you nail it or end up pulling your hair out?


7. Prisoner The Drinking Game 

Test your skills as a prisoner in "HMP Boozer"! Roll the dice, get handcuffed, and navigate through funny challenges. Can you escape and avoid taking a shot? It's race to freedom with hilarious action cards and themed shot glasses!


8. Flip Cup - The Drinking Game

Imagine a world where all your problems vanish with a swig of light beer and a flick of a cup. Get ready for some serious fun as you flip and chug your way through this game. Just remember, if you lose, there's a challenge waiting for you!


9. Game - Liar Liar Pants on Fire  

Do your friends have you all figured out, or are you the master of deception? Find out with this uproarious and fast-paced card game! Get ready to test your poker face and see who can spin the wildest tales!


Whether you’re all about Easter bunnies and egg hunts or just looking for an excuse to hang out with your loved ones, let these easter items and activities from Spectrum Store cover you through the good Friday holidays.

Gather your family, kids, and friends- Let's make memories together!

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