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It’s been a month since the announcement of the circuit breaker measures in Singapore and about three more weeks to go! Please note that everyone is still highly encouraged to stay at home as much as possible, unless going out to stock up on daily essentials or seek medical attention.

But if you think you really, really have to go out for a quick grocery run, please check out the tips below to make sure you do it safe and quick!

1. Plan ahead.

Lady browsing phone at home in the kitchen

Treat this grocery run as if you were heading out for war (because it partly is, except that it’s a war against an invisible enemy!). First, consider checking Space Out SG to see which supermarkets in your vicinity are the least crowded. Next, prepare your reusable grocery bags, your EZ-link card or car keys, cash and/or cards, your IC if you’re heading to a wet market, and most importantly: #2!

2. Make a list. 

Person Holding White Ceramic Be Happy Painted Mug Making a Grocery Supermarket List
Making a grocery list not only reduces the time you spend in store, but also helps you maximize your trip and make sure you do not forget anything. Quick tip: Write your list down on a piece of paper instead of saving it in your phone to avoid spreading germs and contaminating it. 

If you can’t help but use your phone, check out our super cool Olivia Moss Crossbody Phone Bag featuring a PVC touchscreen window which you can just wipe clean with a disinfectant wipe anytime you want!
Olivia Moss Phone Crossbody Bag


3. Bring disinfectant wipes and sanitizers. 

Global Journey Pocket Hand Sanitizers Ethyl Alcohol for Coronavirus
Supermarkets are public places and who knows how many people touch those grocery items and carts on a daily basis? While some of our frontline service workers help make sure our public surfaces are clean, it wouldn’t hurt to take an extra precaution by bringing along disinfectants with you. Use these to wipe shopping cart handles and to frequently sanitize your hands.

Check out our Global Journey Pocket Hand Sanitisers with 62% Ethyl Alcohol here.

4. Wear comfy clothes.

Girl wearing comfy clothes active lifestyle wear with Fitkicks Waist Pouch

Grocery shopping on a normal day vs. grocery shopping in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic are two different stories! Dress comfortably when you go out and carry a small bag with you to make sure all your important items are well within reach. Check out our Fitkicks Waist Pouch, suitable not only for grocery runs but for jogs and workouts too!

5. Wear a mask. 

 Tourists wearing surgical face masks during COVID 19 pandemic in Singapore

In Singapore, it is now compulsory to wear a mask when you go out, except for children under two or when you’re working out and doing strenuous activities such as running. So make sure you wear either a disposable mask or a reusable one before you leave the house.

6. Keep your distance.

Woman in face mask waiting in a line to get takeaway food during the coronavirus lockdown

Despite self-distancing measures, some supermarkets in SG still tend to be a bit crowded sometimes. Make sure you keep at least a meter distance from people when queuing or shopping. For reference, that’s about the length of a regular shopping cart!

7. Be mindful of what you touch.

 Supermarket grocery shopping cart

Studies show that we touch our face about 20 times per hour. Twenty. Times. And that’s particularly bad during a pandemic.

So be very mindful about what you touch—random grocery items, your phone, wallet, cash, keys, and most especially your face. Just because the grocery run’s quick doesn’t mean it’s completely safe. If your nose feels itchy, sanitize your hands and grab a clean tissue to gently scratch it.

8. Shop healthy.

Shop healthy buy fruits and vegetables in supermarket

Now this isn’t exactly a tip, but more like a friendly advice. We can be as conscious and careful as we can get, but we believe nothing beats good health and a strong immune system when it comes to preventing infections! So while doing your routine grocery shopping, make sure to stock up on healthier food options like fruits and vegetables, as well as vitamins and supplements. Health is wealth!

Once again, go out for a grocery run if you must, but please be safe and try to #StayHome as much as possible.

So shop online instead and do check us out for your other home and lifestyle needs such as office and work essentials, fun toys and activities for the kids and the family, active lifestyle wear and fitness accessories, home and living products, and a whole lot more!

You won’t even need to step out of the house because FREE door-to-door delivery islandwide. Yass!

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