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On December 31, 021, the world happily bid farewell to yet another year of COVID uncertainties and welcomed 2022 with high hopes.

Browse our all-time favorites and top recommendations from 2021.

Karen's Pick: U.S. GAMES SYSTEMS Giant Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

2021 Staff Picks Karen US Games Giant Rider-Waite Tarot Deck SpectrumStoreSG.jpg awakenedsoulcentre

(Image Credit: @awakenedsoulcentre Instagram)

"The Giant rider tarot deck is a good ice breaker during family events and hangout. The deck features the original tarot illustrations from 1909. The large deck is especially great for guests as the illustrations are large enough for them to see and where the intricacies of the original artwork is magnified. As a total noob myself, it was easy enough to understand the instructions and make out a clear and honestly surprisingly accurate reading for my friends and family."


Ana's Pick: Two Left Feet Everyday Socks Holy Guacamole

2021 Staff Picks Ana Two Left Feet Everyday Socks Holy Guacamole SpectrumStoreSG

"Ana's quote"

Khai's Pick: Ohana Mahaalo Eau De Cologne Hau'oli Mele

2021 Staff Picks Khai Ohana Mahaalo Eau De Cologne Hau'oli Mele SpectrumStoreSG

"for a person who loves perfume (and is very picky), i can definitely say that ohana mahaalo has a wide range of fragrances made just for you. on top of that, their cute packaging just makes it even harder for me to not get it."

Paolo's Pick: ANALOGUE APOTIK Omni Solid Cologne

2021 Staff Picks Paolo's ANALOGUE APOTIK Omni Solid Cologne Spectrum Store SG

"I like the smell, how the cologne used oil (not worry abt spillage), pocket size and easy to apply" 

Steph's Pick: Boxer Gifts Desk Warning Sign Mood Swing

2021 Staff Picks Steph Boxer Gifts Desk Warning Sign Mood Swing SpectrumStoreSG

"Have always been a fan of quirky items and this one just describes my mood! Perfect for the office if anyone is out to disturb me"

Patricia's Pick: Bunnies By The Bay Aurora Angora Rabbit

2021 Staff Picks Pat Bunnies By The Bay Aurora Angora Rabbit SpectrumStoreSG

"Soft and cuddle-able. Even on my worse days I'll turn to this bunny and feel the warmth."

Marissa's Pick: IN-HEAL Breathe Easy Aromatherapy Roll-On

2021 Staff Picks Marissa IN-HEAL Breathe Easy Aromatherapy Roll-On SpectrumStoreSG

"it's effective in curing nasal congestion and my sinus. it also helps ease headaches and it has a nice minty smell too that is relaxing and calming! :) "

Joleen's Pick: CLEAN ORIGINAL CLEAN Fresh & Botanical Natural Fabric Spray

2021 Staff Picks Joleen CLEAN Fresh & Botanical Natural Fabric Spray SpectrumStoreSG

"the CLEAN Fresh & Botanical Natural Fabric Spray provides easy deodorization & gives my room a refreshing fragrance that is not too overpowering"

Ly Shan's Pick: MODGY Luminary Lanterns - The Great Wave

2021 Staff Picks Ly Shan Modgy Luminary Lantern The Great Wave SpectrumStoreSG

 "it’s artsy and useful for decorating the house when guests come"

 Arlene's Pick: Actspressions Surrounded by Grace Earrings 

 2021 Staff Picks Arlene Actspressions Surrounded by Grace Earrings SpectrumStoreSG

"I was looking for a suitable gift for a friend and I stumbled upon the Actspressions jewelry line. Their designs are so dainty and unique that it was hard to choose one! It is definitely wearable for everyday use, that will add more dimension and pop to any outfit."

Yan Ling's Pick: BLUE ANGEL PUBLISHING Secret Language of Light Oracle

2021 Staff Picks Yan Ling Blue Angle Publishing Secret Language of Light Oracle SpectrumStoreSG

(Image Credit: Three Twelve Lifestyle)

"so it was actually a gift for my friend :) my friend loves it very much! The description on the oracle deck matches with the cards and the quality of the cards is great! and also the design of the oracle deck is bright and colourful which is very eye-catching"

Gwen's Pick: BOXER GIFTS Decision Dice: Procrastination

2021 Staff Picks Gwen BOXER GIFTS Decision Dice Procrastination SpectrumStoreSG

"Fun gift for friend that procrastinates a lot. Can help them decide when to stop procrastinating n start doing work"


Corrinne's Pick: ANALOGUE APOTIK Kabukicho Bees & Soy Wax Candle 5oz

2021 Staff Picks Adeline Analogue Apotik Kabukicho Bees & Soy Wax Candle 5oz SpectrumStoreSG.jpg

"I love the scent because it’s luxurious and relaxing. I’m health conscious so i prefer to buy soy wax. The candle provides a long burn time despite its size"

Jolin's Pick: Boxer Gifts Stress Toy Moody Cow

2021 Staff Picks Jolin Boxer Gifts Stress Toy Moody Cow SpectrumStoreSG

"i like the moody cow because it is a great stress reliever for me when i'm studying! i'll put it a corner in my desk and play with it during mini breaks and it keeps me going :-)"

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