The new year usually brings about two emotions: Hope and fear. We hope that we'll successfully change our lives for the better – while fearing that we won't.

New Year's resolutions are personal targets that we set at the start of each year. The new year is a time to take stock of who we are and the way we live and decide to improve ourselves. New Year's resolutions commonly addresses the essential aspects of life, such as health, wellbeing, social connections, or finances.

From a interactive journals, planner stickers, exercise accessories, and calendars to water bottles to promote better self-care, we’ve rounded up a variety of products to help make the coming year productive and successful.

1. Full Range Of Fitkicks Shoes & Accessories by Fitkicks

To help you achieve your goal of being be more active in 2021, Fitkicks offers a full range of products that enhance the ideal active lifestyle. These products were created with a minimalist ideology that incorporates a stylish edge. Whether it is a jaunt around the block, a walk along the beach or just kicking back, FITKICKS has something for every step of the way.

Full Range Of Fitkicks Shoes & Accessories by Fitkicks

2. Wonderfund Jars by Boxer Gifts

If you plan to grow your emergency savings fund - This high quality ceramic jar with solid wooden lid is an affordable yet classy take on traditional money tins and boxes. Sturdy and modern, with a minimalist look. 

Wonderfund Jars by Boxer Gifts

3. Sleep Brain Aromatheraphy Roll-On by IN-HEAL

Improve your sleep with In Heal's 'Sleep, Brain' is the carefully crafted, organic and natural roll-on remedy for those sleepless nights. Organic Vetiver, Chamomile, And Petitgrain In Jojoba Oil For Those Sleepless Nights.

Sleep Brain Aromatheraphy Roll-On by IN-HEAL

4. Brush Lettering From A to Z by Peter Pauper Press

If you are looking to develop a new hobby. This fun and thorough introduction is perfect for anyone who's seen brush-lettered art and wondered how it's done.

Brush Lettering From A to Z by Peter Pauper Press


5. A4 Magnetic Weekly Planner in Boho Accents by Klosh

Be on top of your plans in the upcoming year. Keeping a daily or weekly planner to view your schedule at a glance. Every time you make a plan, write it down on the weekly planner white board and rest assured that you won’t forget it!

 A4 Magnetic Weekly Planner in Boho Accents by Klosh

6. 500ml High-strength Borosilicate Glass Bottle by Retap

Drink more water with a new water bottle. The Retap Bottle was created because we believe that drinking water should be easy and enjoyable. Especially designed to give you the best drinking experience, Retap bottles are comfortable to hold, sealed against spilling, and our award winning design insures you will enjoy every sip. Try adding fruits to infuse your water to make it more interesting

500ml High-strength Borosilicate Glass Bottle by Retap

7. Bamboo Fiber Cups by Global Journey

Whether you resolve to save money and time by brewing your own coffee or pledge to protect the planet by reducing waste, the eco-friendly coffee cups has you covered. They are reusable, travel-friendly and made from organic bamboo fiber which is a rapid growing raw material and the world’s most sustainable crop.

Bamboo Fiber Cups by Global Journey


8. Bananagrams Game by Bananagrams

Putting down your phone will help you be more present. Too many of us are prone to excessive smartphone use because we live in a time when our lives are dominated by technology. Digital devices seem to dictate our lives now.

Bananagrams Game by Bananagrams


9. Bobino Tech Survival Kit by Bobino

Keep your desk organized with this kit, containing cable management products to keep any size of cable neat and tidy. Set up a schedule to take care of decluttering and cleaning tasks on a weekly basis.

Bobino Tech Survival Kit by Bobino

10. Energy Stones & Healing Crystals by British Fossils 

Create a Zen zone with British Fossils Crystals. Zen zones are such a powerful tool that allows you a safe space to distress, self reflect, and find your center. Any home can have one. A zen space does not have to be its own room.

 Energy Stones & Healing Crystals by British Fossils

11. Inner F*cking Peace Journal by Peter Pauper Press

If you have decided to start journaling this year to help compartmentalize your thoughts, or juts to keep track of what happened. Opting for guided journals can be much lesss dauting than beginning on a blank page. Grab this irreverent journal and follow its madcap prompts all the way to enlightenment, or something like that. It's funny! It's brazen! It's a creative mandate to knock yourself upside the head and recognize the power you've had all along.

Inner F*cking Peace Journal by Peter Pauper Press

12. Cooking Utensils by Krumbs Kitchen

Cooking at home can help you either control your eating portions, knowing what exactly is going into your food, cutting down on expenses, or just trying out that recipe. Durable, easy-to-clean silicone meets simple wooden handles for ergonomic mixing, serving and basting with a touch of farmhouse charm. For brushing oil on cookers when making cakes, bread, butter or barbecuing. Suitable for baking, cooking, BBQ basting.

Cooking Utensils by Krumbs Kitchen

13. Stainless Steel & Silicone Top Drinking Straws by Krumbs Kitchen

Do your part to save mother earth by bringing your own straws instead of using single use plastic. Stainless steel Straws with curved Silicone tops make an eco-friendly solution to plastic Straws. Bpa-free and FDA-approved silicone that's dishwasher safe, and odor and stain resistant.

This all-inclusive pack comes with four durable stainless steel straws with comfortable silicone tips are perfect to use with your favorite beverage! With four vibrant colors, you will not lose track of which beverage is yours. If you're looking for an alternative to single-use plastic straws, these are an ideal choice.

 Stainless Steel & Silicone Top Drinking Straws by Krumbs Kitchen

14. Cat Mom 17-Month Personal Wall Calendar 2021 by Workman Publishing

Making a conscious effort to acknowledge other peoples' milestones as you would your own can really to show your family and friends that you care. Anniversaries, promotions, births—anything you yourself would celebrate. It can be many dates but this calendar will have you covered.

Cat Mom 17-Month Personal Wall Calendar 2021 by Workman Publishing

15. Birthday Cards by Raspberry Blossom

Sure, you could write a Facebook post for your friends and family like everyone else, but this year go the extra mile and send actual birthday cards instead.

 Birthday Cards by Raspberry Blossom

To stick to your New Year's goals, focus on the process needed to make them happen and let the results take care of themselves. Finally, seek out connections and support from others who have set the same New Year's resolution. 

View more products to help with your 2021 new year's resolutions here.

Lets try again, 2021!

 New Year's Resolution 2021

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