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Wonder Woman is a Superhero film based on the DC Character and is a sequel to the 2017 superhero film 'Wonder Woman.'  The character Wonder Woman was first seen in the 70's on TV screens worldwide in her own series.  Now though, she has a become a regular Superhero character in the recent DC Comic films including 'The Lego Movies,' 'Justice League' and 'Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice.' 

Wonder Woman focuses on Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman and her conflicts with two formidable foes of Maxwell Lord and the Cheetah while reuniting with her past love Steve Trevor.  The film is unique as it is set in the year 1984.  This film has an action packed cast and we are sure this will be another DC Comic film that you can't miss out on.  DC Comic films have grossed over £2 billion since the first release in 2013.

Buy today this Wonder Woman Movie Official 2021 Square Wall Calendar for your DC Comics fan.  This Poster calendar will have memorable pictures from the Wonder Woman hit film.  There will also be an opportunity to write all your important dates in the date boxes provided.

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