Tokyo Ghoul Square Wall Calendar 2021 (Pre-Order)

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Size: Square Wall Calendar
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Tokyo Ghoul is a Japanese comic series written by Sui Ishida and first produced in 2011.  This is set in an alternate reality where ghouls, creatures that look like normal people but can only survive by eating human flesh.  They live amongst the human population in secrecy and hide their powers as they do no want to be taken away from the authorities.  The story focuses on Kaneki Ken who was an ordinary young boy but becomes an half-ghoul after his encounter with Rize Kamishiro.  

Tokyo Ghoul is now also a TV programme and which can be watched on Netflix and Amazon and other streaming services.  There have been 2 seasons of this dark fantasy TV series.  Tokyo Ghoul is popular as people like the darkness of the ghouls and the other creatures that are associated with this former comic magazine.

Buy today this Tokyo Ghoul Official 2021 Square Wall Calendar for your Tokyo Ghoul fan.  The Square calendar will have outstanding pictures from the Tokyo Ghoul series. Plus there is an opportunity to write all your important dates for 2021 in the date boxes.

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