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Tasty Berry - Organic Fruit Tea
If you're into fruits and sweet berries, this organic fruitte is for you. It has an amazing taste that can be brewed in a fun and different way. Now you have the opportunity to be your own Tea Master and brew quality tea that you can only love. If you are either into having a mild or strong taste, simply pour the boiling water up to the dotted line and let the tea drag for 4 to 6 minutes, and you will be able to serve 2 to 4 flavorful cups of tea. All our Teabrewers can withstand being recycled, that is, you can brew up to three times on each tea brewer, you can also choose to clean and rinse it, and then fill with a loose tea that you just pour in.

The taste of sweet berries
Our Tasty Berry Teabrewer is a flavorful tea blend that contains real pieces of fruit with berry flavours. Here you get a nice pink infusion that tastes of sunshine with the hint of both sweet and sour cherries and raspberries trailed by a fresh aftertaste of lemon. Pick up your favorite teacup and create tea experiences with Tasty Berry tea. Did you know that tea can also be a super delicious ingredient in cocktails? Now you can also make funnier and different cocktails. Add the liquor you prefer, or make it without alcohol, add a lot of ice cubes and shake it in a drink shaker.

Cups per Brewer:   2 Cups

Brewing temperature:   100°C

Brew time:   4-6 minutes

Reusable:  Yes (empty, clean and refill)

Ingredients:   Grapes*, hibiscus flowers*, elderberries*, blueberries*, natural flavours / *Guaranteed organic product from EU/non-EU agriculture.

Dimension:    15 x 4.5 x 19 cm

Weight:   20g

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