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Ginger & Lemon - Organic ginger & lemon tea
Are you into the taste of a tea with spices and ginger, then you will love this herbal tea. Teabrewers is a tea brewer that can brew quality tea in just 4 – 6 minutes. Each Teabrewer can provide 2 to 4 cups of tea, and has a great feature which allows you to brew tea up to 3 times on the same Teabrewer. Our Teabrewers are made from eco-friendly natural paper and a thin PE. We do this because we have a hope for a better world and we therefore focus on sustainability. We would therefore encourage you to reuse our Teabrewer simply by rinsing it after use and filling it with new tea, you will hereby help to take care of nature.

100% natural herbal tea
In this beautiful organic herbal tea you get the taste of ginger complemented by the freshness of lemongrass and enriched with warming spices. The aroma evokes memories of a warm late summer, and the taste will warm you up from head to toe. All our tea blends are hand-picked and made from 100% natural tea. Our ginger & lemon tea is designed for all Tea Lovers who like tea. Through our concept, brew-in-a-bag, you will create fun tea experiences where you both get brewing as if it were on a teapot and the usability of a tea bag. This tea also comes in our Tea Card, which is a cute way to send a tea greeting in the mail.

Cups per Brewer:   2 Cups

Brewing temperature:   100°C

Brew time:   4-6 minutes

Reusable:  Yes (empty, clean and refill)

Ingredients:   Ginger*, apple pieces*, lemongrass*, rosehip peel*, liquorice root*, citrus peel*, natural flavours, citric acid (acid binders), petals from velvet flower* / *Guaranteed organic product from non-EU agriculture.

Dimension:    15 x 4.5 x 19 cm

Weight:   20g

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