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Stitch your own zodiac constellation on the cover of this starry night vegan leather-bound notebook. The celestial notebook is perfect for day- dreamers, star lovers or those with an interest in astrology.

Stitch your own zodiac constellation while learning about the traits of your star sign. Includes a ‘how to stitch’ template for all 12 astrology zodiac signs and needle & cosmic gold thread. The beautiful starry black cover is specially perforated all over the front to create an easy-to-stitch canvas. It is completely suitable for those brand new to sewing, ready to make their mark on the universe.  

An ideal birthday gift, it can be sewn with a star sign to celebrate the day of birth. You can also easily get creative and stitch in extra stars, a name or special date (or go crazy using Electric Threads and add space-ships aliens and anything intergalactic you can imagine!). We love that this has also been used a a new baby book - the cover can be stitched with the birth date, name and star sign, and the inside can be used to capture a diary of their first year on earth. You can create a completely unique notebook that with a hand-made touch within a few hours, and the recipient can treasure it forever. 

Includes removeable A5 lined notebook and gold ballpoint pen, as well as a ‘how to stitch’ template for all 12 astrology zodiac signs (with personality attributes of each) and needle & cosmic gold & silver threads on a rocket shaped thread board. 

The inside cover is printed with 'Keep looking up' and 'Written in the Stars' - so it makes a great positive journal during difficult times. 

Tie the mini rocket around the moon button to secure, and fill the pages inside with dreams & schemes...


Materials:   PU Leather, Metallic thread, Metal Needle, Printed Gift Box Packaging
Dimensions:   H 210 x W 142 x D 20mm

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