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Date: 23rd September 2022 (Friday)
Time Slot: 11:00 AM
Service: Tarot Reading (15 minutes)
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For those who are new to incorporating new age healing into their spiritual practices, we would like to introduce you to Raven’s Indigo - a physic medium that practices tarot & aura readings.

Each readings will be 15 minutes and each time slot is limited to one service. For additional services, please book alternate slot. 


Tarot Reading

This reading is for those who would like to ask about certain aspects of their life or a situation they’re currently experiencing or expecting.


Aura Reading

Every living creature is surrounded by an energy field unique to them, or aura.

It is made up of 7 major layers which I perceive as colours, and each layer and its placement has its own unique meaning.

Here are the 7 layers and what they represent:

1. Physical (closest to the centre) - Represents your physical health

2. Emotional - Represents your emotions (may change anytime)

3. Mental - Represents your state of mind

4. Astral - Represents your spiritual health (system of faith) and heart

5. Etheric Template - Represents your identity and personality

6. Celestial - Represents your third eye and intuition

7. Casual/Ketheric (furthest from the centre) - Represents your connection to the spiritual realm, soul, and past lifetimes


Past-Life Reading

Have you ever had a deja-vu moment or have you came across a stranger that felt a little too familiar for it to be your first encounter with them? Do you have this constant need for something or a constant habit you can’t get rid of or a repetitive cycle you see yourself going through? That’s called a karmic lesson / cycle - one that can be brought forward from your past lives that you’ve yet to learn or break out of. But sometimes it can be hard to identify them. Sometimes you’re unsure of your calling. Sometimes you don’t know what your soul is constantly in search of. This reading will be what provides you with the answers. Here we will cover:

• Who you were in your past life

• Lessons carried over onto your current life

• Promises you once made to yourself

This reading is for those who would like to know how they were in their past-life.


Spirit Guide Reading

Spirit guides can take on many forms - sometimes they’re relatives or members who have passed on, sometimes they’re beings or spirits that feel you resemble someone they care for, sometimes they resemble animals, sometimes trees. But spirit guides can also be your higher self (often your future self). Sometimes they can be physical people in your life or communicate through them. It differs for everyone. Essentially they are here to offer us guidance in life and are often also there to help us with shadow work (aka getting in touch with parts of your self that you have repressed or your dark side).

If you have trouble connecting with your spirit guides, this reading is for you. The questions we will cover during this reading are:

• Who are your guides / their traits?

• What are their roles in your life?

• How do they execute their roles?

• What are signs you can look out for or how can you improve your relationship with them?

• What is their current message to you?

Note that not all of your guides are present with you throughout your life. Depending on your progress, some have a more dominant presence than others. The number of guides that choose to step forward during this reading will vary per person but the ones that do are often your dominant guides that have been trying to get your attention. Please note that this reading uses a combination of intuition and tarot/oracle cards.



Note that all readings are 15 minutes compared to an hour for this event, therefore all readings will be a brief. 

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