Pokemon Mini Calendar 2021 (Pre-Order)

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Pokemon is a phenomenon that began in the early 1980s.  In fact in Japanese the word 'Pokemon' means 'Pocket Monsters.'  Pokemon is a video game, a TV Show, an app, gaming cards and there is also a YouTube channel dedicated to it!

Pokemon is good as it allows a child to use their imagination through role play.  It is a game that involves playing cards which represent creatures with different powers and abilities.  Pokemon is available on all game consoles and with easy access its popularity will continue to grow.  Don't worry this mini calendar will feature all your favourite Pokemon Characters including 'Pikachu,' 'Squirtle,' 'Charmander' and 'Bulbasaur.' 

The Pokemon Official Mini 2021 Calendar is the ideal calendar for Kitchens, Desks and limited wall spaces. There are pictures on each month of Pokemon characters and there is the opportunity to write notes as well for 2021.

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