Hand Cream Kealoha Lino


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  An image of the morning taking a wake-up shower while singing a song in your favorite bathroom. The rose pink bubbles pop and the soothing melody of green and lilac echoes in the bathtub.


Green, Lilac, Rose

<About fragrance>

Kealoha means "My love", Lino means "Shine".
Like you are taking a morning shower in your favorite bathroom singing a song, rose pink bubbles pop, and harmony of green and lilac resonates in your bath.

A hand cream with a paraben-free formula that is gentle on the hands.
With 5 vegetable oils, it leads to soft and moist skin, and a gentle scent wraps your hands.

  • Paraben-free
  • Contains 5 types of vegetable oils to moisturize hands

Dimension  50g

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