Eau De Cologne Walea Wahine


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Sometimes innocent and cute, sometimes mysterious and intelligent. The image of a lady who gives off an indescribable charm. Frozen floral with a veil of iris and centifolia rose wrapping a stunning lime.

 To important you.

Pretty package and the cologne with small size I tend to carry around.


Iris, Centifolia Rose, Lime

<About fragrance>

Walea means 「Charming」, Wahine means「Woman」.

Sometimes innocent and cute. Sometime mysterious and intelligent. It has an image of a lady with indescribable fascination.This is frozen floral fragrance wrapping sharp lime with the veil of iris and Centifolia rose.


Ingredients:   Alcohol、Fragrance、Benzophenone-2、CI19140、CI17200

Dimension  30ml

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