Eau De Cologne Koolina Kēa


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 In a world dyed with silver, the image of freshly piled snowflakes fluttering in the wind and playing with glitter. The scent of jasmine and white musk, studded with elegantly sweet magnolia, shines.

To important you.

Pretty package and the cologne with small size I tend to carry around.


Magnolia, White Musk, Jasmine

<About fragrance>

Koolina means 「Crystal of pleasure」, Kea means「White」.

The fragrance brings an image that fresh snow crystals are glitteringly dancing with winds in a snowy world. The scents of jasmine and white musk are sprinkled and shine in the sophisticated sweet magnolia.


Ingredients:   Alcohol、Fragrance、Benzophenone-2、CI19140、CI17200

Dimension  30ml

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