Official Liverpool Calendar 2021 - A3 Deluxe


Size: A3 Deluxe Wall Calendar
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This Liverpool FC 2021 Deluxe Calendar celebrates the 128 years of the club. Formed in 1892, Liverpool began when it broke off from Everton forming its own new club. In 1901, just 8 years after entering the Football League, the Reds were crowned champions for the first time. Liverpool FC has years of victory yet 2020 reaches an all-time high with its first Premier League title. Winning 4-0 against Crystal Palace, Jürgen Klopp celebrates this victory with thanks to Alexander-Arnold, Fabinho, Salah, and Mane and the rest of the talented team. 

In this calendar, Liverpool FC features on a luxury calendar which is perfect to gift to a Reds fan. With a special envelope and perforated edges to give you posters, this calendar is useful and stylish. The calendar can be hung on your home, kitchen, or office wall for a sleek finish. Frame-ready prints from the calendar can also be used to decorate for a cool touch. 

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