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The characters of Harry Potter, Hermione and Ron Weasley have been casting a spell over us since the very first film "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" released in 2001.  There have been 8 Harry Potter films in total based on the 7 books beautiful written by the famous author J.K. Rowling.  

Harry Potter continues to be popular as it makes us think we could be a wizard and everyone loves 'Hogwarts.'  Not forgetting all the characters and the imagination and twists of each film.  The Harry Potter franchise has made over £2 billion at the box office and continues to be popular with children and adults today.  Harry Potter films are the perfect films to watch with all the family.

The Harry Potter Official 2021 Mini Calendar is the perfect calendar for Kitchens, Desks and limited wall spaces. There are memorable pictures on each month of the Harry Potter films and there is the opportunity to write notes as well for 2021.

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