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Each Coffeebrewer can provide up to 2 cups of coffee. The idea that it should be easy to enjoy quality coffee wherever you are in the world was what started the whole of The Brew Company.

Fairtrade coffee from Honduras
You get with the bag this medium roasted coffee that has bright, lively and fruity shades that are in perfect balance with the pleasant aftertaste of sweet chocolate. This coffee is both organic and Fairtrade certified. Cocofcal is located in the west of Honduras in the buffer zone of Celaque National Park. Today they operate in 12 communities that run projects that benefit thousands of people. Sustainability is the key word for the active members of the cooperative, who are dedicated to growing sustainable coffees.

A sustainable design
Want to make a green difference? Our Coffeebrewers are made of an environmentally friendly natural paper and are free of BPA and contain no aluminum or other harmful materials. We are quite proud of our unique product and constantly strive to ensure that our products are as sustainable as possible. That's why you can also recycle our coffee brewers. You do this simply by emptying your brewer of coffee grounds, rinsing and cleaning it well and filling the coffee you prefer to drink. We hope that you will help us take care of our nature and take advantage of this green inspiration for recycling.

Cups per Brewer:   2 Cups

Brewing temperature:   95°C

Brew time:   4-6 minutes

Reusable:  Yes (empty, clean and refill)

Ingredients:   100% Arabica Coffee. Guaranteed organic and Fairtrade product from non-EU agriculture.

Dimension:    15 x 4.5 x 19 cm

Weight:   20g

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