Friday Night Dinner Square Wall Calendar 2021 (Pre-Order)

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Size: Square Wall Calendar
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Friday Night Dinner is a British television sitcom and is based on a regular dinner experience on a Friday night with Jewish parents and is set in London, where the two siblings come to visit but the dinner is often interrupted by numerous things. Siblings, Adam and Johnny are a classic example of the interruptions at dinner time with the two of them pranking each other and their strange neighbour who is afraid of his own dog and has a crush on Jackie.

Jackie is a feisty, bossy and caring character who treats her sons a lot younger than they are which makes the viewers laugh at her attempts to baby the mischievous pair, she tries with all efforts to make the dinner run smoothly, however, this is proves almost impossible with the brothers pranks on one another and Jim's strange behaviour. The comical efforts of Jackie trying to make the evening perfect and constantly getting interrupted, makes for a perfect award winning tv show.

This calendar is perfect for Friday Night Dinner Fans, including different classic, official images of characters from the show. A unique photo on every page, for every month. Making your day brighter in the morning, as you count down the days of the year with the company of Jackie to make u smile. Get yours now and have a giggle with every photo of Jackie as you look back to funny memories of the shows highlights.

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