Freddie Mercury A3 Calendar 2021 (Pre-Order)

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Freddie Mercury was the leader singer of one of the Biggest Bands the world has ever seen 'Queen.'  Freddie with his flamboyant stage presence made the group stand out.  A few of the band's most iconic hits include 'We are The Champions,' 'Bohemian Rhapsody'  and 'Crazy Thing Called Love.'  The other members of this supergroup who are still playing concerts together today are Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor.  

Freddie's presence in the music world is still massive even 20 years after his death.  This has been helped by the recent film based on Freddie called  'Bohemian Rhapsody.'  Freddie is still achieving  many awards  including induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and in a survey poll was in the top 100 Greatest Britons.

Make a Freddie's fan day by buying this Freddie Mercury Official 2021 A3 Wall Calendar featuring fabulous pictures of Freddie . This A3 Calendar format gives you the opportunity of having a Freddie Mercury poster calendar alongside a date panel.

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