2in1 T-Rex Buzz Wire


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Don’t make T rex roar!

Can you keep a steady hand in this exciting buzz wire challenge?

Two interchangeable T rex shapes give two skill levels.

Realistic roar sound.

Can you defeat the dino?

Packaging and instructions are multi-lingual including English, French, German, Spanish and Italian

Guide the metal handle around the wire but don’t touch or T rex will roar into action. You need a steady hand and nerves of steel to defeat the dino in this exciting buzz wire challenge. Two interchangeable T rex shapes give two skill levels. Start training with the head shape then, when you are ready, graduate to the full body. With a realistic roar sound, this is fun toy is ideal for all those who are dinosaur crazy!

Part of the Brainstorm Toys STEM range designed to entertain and educate children.

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