The Beginning is Now: A Magnetic Monthly Calendar 2023


Size: Wall Calendar
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Get inspired and stay energized with every glance.

Introducing a brand-new magnetic monthly calendar from artist and activist Lisa Congdon, whose upbeat art has garnered a large and loyal following on Instagram and other platforms. This compact, practical calendar features a hardworking design for maximum organisational power, plus a magnetic backer that makes it perfect for a fridge, filing cabinet, or locker.
The hand lettered phrases and colourful patterns keep you motivated throughout the day, from Every mistake is progress to You are the boss of your life. And pages tear off at the end of each month for an easy transition. Printed in South Korea on uncoated, responsibly sourced paper.

Author: Lisa Congdon

Number of pages: 28

Publication date: October 4, 2022

ISBN: 9781523518142

 x 209.55 mm | 235.30g

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