290 Bad Jokes + 75 Punderful Puns Page-A-Day® Calendar 2023


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Fun for the whole family, all year long!

Keep the whole family in giggles and guffaws with the bestselling clean jokes calendar. Each day, there’s a pun, knock-knock, silly story, or riddle that’s so bad, it’s hilarious. What did the green grape say to the purple grape?

BREATHE! What is invisible and makes strange clucking noises all over your house? A poultry geist. Plus dad jokes, bar jokes, The Best Medicine, Laughing at the Law, School Daze, and banana jokes: What do you call shoes made out of banana skins? Slippers. You’ll groan, you’ll laugh. Printed on responsibly sourced paper and 100% recyclable.

Introducing new eco-friendly cardboard backer and larger page size!

Printed on FSC-certified paper.

        Author: Workman Calendars

        Number of pages: 320

        Publication date: June 28, 2023

        138 x 139 x 33.02mm | 539.77g

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